mercoledì 13 gennaio 2016

Week in review #1 | 21 - 27 September 2015

I'm not gonna say anything this time, no apologies, anything. Just welcome back on this blog. *Is anybody out there?* I'm starting a new series today, which is called "Week in review" and in which I will tell you about my week basically, as easy as that. Food, fashion, adventures, travels, routine. :)

You probably don't know that I just started Uni on September 15th. This was my second week at University and I'm studying in Venice, Italy!
On monday I just travelled by train to reach Venice; when I arrived I just chilled for a couple of hours before going to class and after that I had dinner and I went to sleep. Nothing special.

Tuesday should have been a busy day but in the end it wasn't because some lessons were cancelled.
I took these three pictures to show you my room and outfit, some accessories that I wore and one of my classbooks!

Tee Zara | Necklaces Forever 21 + Accessorize

History of Photograhpy!

Bag Longchamp | Scarf GAP | Watch Swatch | Bracelet found in a Cambridge Market in 2010
P.S.: This start to a new series is a fail, it's January now and I never finished writing this so now I don't remember what I did the rest of that week. I just found this in my drafts and I kind of liked it so I'm publishing it. Hope to do more of those in the future because in February I'm starting my second semester! I also wanted to start a new series about movies aesthetics, let me know.. :)

domenica 31 agosto 2014

It's been a long time!

"It's been a long time, now I'm coming back home.
I've been away now, oh, how I've been alone."
(Wait, The Beatles)

I'm so sorry for this but believe me, I decided to stop writing on this blog, but I didn't want to delete it, just in case... maybe one day I'll come back... and here I am.

Today I don't feel like writing so I will just post my moodboard for S/F 2014.
Nothing important, just something to say welcome back!! ;)

First 2 pictures: Avril Lavigne Let Go and Under My Skin Album Art
Other 3 pictures: Unknown

I hope you will appreciate this post and my comeback anyway!

Live, Love, Laugh.
- Lolaviola

sabato 1 marzo 2014

January and Februay Favourites 2014

I know this is a bit late, sorry. I just wanted to show you my favourite picks for the months of January and February so... let's start!
The first thing is a movie, it's called "Blue Jasmine" and it's directed by Woody Allen. Whooho!
Trust me, it's a great movie and the actors are amazing, especially Cate Blanchett (who won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Motion Picture!!).

Another favourite is my new Zara coat! January has been quite a cold month here and so has been February as well, so I've never had an occasion to wear this really. But when late winter / early spring will come I'll be super-happy to wear this because I think it suits with everything. You can also wear this with a long dress, it's the perfect coat and I love it! <3

The next thing is a TV series: Gossip Girl. Hahaha I know, this is weird but I'm so bad at watching TV series that this has been the first one that I succeded in watching from the very first episode to the very last! Ever.
I don't like TV series really much, I find them a bit boring, anyway I can't say I didn't enjoy Gossip Girl at all.
I think Serena's outfits are the best! :) I started watching it in March 2013, so it took me a bit actually!

Another thing I've been loving is Shakira's "Elixir" Perfume! I've been having it for a long time now but I never used it that often. I found it a month ago in the back of my perfume shelf and I've been using it every single day of January! It's great, maybe a bit sweet, but I love it!

February Favs:

My new Casio gold watch, it matches with everything and it's such an evergreen in Fashion! I ordered it on the internet and it took a while for it to arrive but I'm quite satisfied with it anyway.

My last favourite is a city! Yes, I visited Bologna in Emilia Romagna, Italy at the end of January. I've never been there before, it's a beautiful city and I had a great time there! <3 <3

giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

Baby Name Tag

Doing a tag like this sounds a bit weird but I love baby names SO MUCH. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about my favourite names (not necessarily baby names) and when I found out this tag, I thought that it was a nice idea to share it on my blog! :)

List your favourite and least favourite names from the SSA 2013 baby names list.
I like Alexander and Sophia but I wouldn't name a child with such popular names.
I dislike Jayden and Ava.

If you had twins, what would you name them?
B/B - Jimmy and Jude
G/G - Lola and Viola (obviously!)
B/G - River and Georgia

If you could change your name in anything, what would it be?
I like my name, but If I had to choose it'll probably be Zoe.

You have 4 children, any gender. Their first names all have to start with the same letter. What would their names be?
Spirit, Star, Soul, Secret.

Favourite animal inspired name.
Lionel for a boy and Deer for a girl.

Favourite color inspired name.
Viola again for a girl and Garnet for a boy.

Top 3 boy names.
Ernesto, Casper and Corrado.

Top 3 girl names.
Albachiara, Jade and Gloria.

Favourite celebrity baby name.
Bob Gedolf and Paula Yates daughters:
Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom and Little Pixie.
I not only like the names but the girls too!

Ultimate Guilty Pleasure names.
I don't know... maybe all the nature/hippie ones, if I lived back in the 60's/70's I would definitely name my children like that but now... I don't know.

Most hated baby names.
Elisa, Eloisa, Eloise and all the similar ones, and also Julia and Gaja.

Choose a baby name based on a food.
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme!

Choose a baby name based on a month.
I like May very much.

Choose a baby name that is already in your family.
Ernesto and Simonetta.

I tag you all to do this tag, comment and let me know which are your favourite baby names!

mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

Film Opinion #1 | The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Today I'm going to be writing on a film I saw at the cinema when it first came out (2012).
Stephen Chbosky both directed the movie and wrote the novel on which the film is based.
I just finished to read the book, and I liked it a lot, but honeslty I wouldn't be able to choose which one is the best because they're very different and probably if I had read the book first I wouldn't have imagined something like that.
At all.

You shouldn't read this if you haven't already seen the movie but in case you haven't and you don't care about me spoilering it for you here's what the film is about.
Basically there's this boy, Charlie, who's just started High School and he's a sort of "invisible guy" with no friends, sitting alone at lunch, etc.
The only positive side of school are English Literature lessons; the teacher, Mr. Anderson, gives Charlie a lot of books to read and soon becomes Charlie's favourite teacher.

Then Charlie starts to make friends, he meets Patrick and Sam (siblings) and then he starts a relationship with Mary Elizabeth. Well, actually it's her that wants to be with Charlie while he secretly loves Sam.

Patrick (Ezra Miller) being provoked by Brad. 

 A lot of things happen, Charlie breaks up with Mary Elizabeth after breaking her heart, he goes to his first parties, he punches Brad (Patrick's boyfriend) for calling his friend "faggot", Sam and Charlie's kiss and that "infinite sensation".

Sam in the tunnel scene, Emma Watson.

Only in the end you fully understand Charlie's pain and the cause of his condition.
I'm not going to tell you how it ends, because you really should watch this film, is so worth it! I recommend you to read the book first!! (If you want).

Charlie's frustration interpreted by Logan Lerman.

The soundtrack is AMAZING and I love the 90's atmosphere that pervades the entire story.
Anyway it's a great movie, with a great story that really impresses me every time I watch it.
In that period (late 2012) I had some problems, I was going through a bad period and I felt I could relate a lot to it, my problems were not exactly like Charlie's but I appreciate the way Logan Lerman (and not only the actors) express the character(s) feelings.
All the actors are very very good and also the soundtrack, the photography and the scenography/screenplay were excellent!

This story has a special specific meaning for me, and although it impressed me a lot it didn't help me at all with my "hard times".
Anyway, if you are in a bad period of your life remember that you won't be forever young and you shouldn't let your bad mood or your negative thoughts ruin this part of your life (if it depends on you) because if you think of all the time you may "lose" you'll understand that it actually will never come back. Maybe I'm saying stupid things but I've gone through it and this is what I think now that I'm positive again (and still not completely).
May you overcome your bad periods!

Live, Love, Laugh.
-Lola Viola

lunedì 20 gennaio 2014

Week of OOTD #1 | Thursday 16 jan. 2014

I know that today's monday but last Thursday I forgot (I had no time) to upload the pictures about Thursday outfit. Sorry about that! I'm still thinking whether to put or not Saturday's outfit. Anyway, there's no Sunday outfit because I stayed home the entire day. I'm lazy, I know.

Black Jumper - Benetton / Blue-White Leggings - Hollister

Nail Polish - Essence (brown nail polish with gold glitter on)

Matching Topshop bracelet and earrings!
I wore my doc Martens as shoes!


venerdì 17 gennaio 2014

Week of OOTD #1 | Friday 17 jan. 2014

I know this would've happened! I missed yesterday's ootd but believe me, I've been so busy that I didn't even turn my lapton on! :((
Anyway tomorrow I'm going to upload both outfits.

Cardigan - McKenzie / Skinny jeans - Guess

T-Shirt - H&M

Earrings - Bijoux Brigitte

This is what I wore today at school! I hope you like this outfit, I love both the t-shirt and the earrings!!